Experience your own adventure


1. People who love the environment will protect it.

2. Nature doesn't need advertising.


These are our convictions. We simply want to encourage you to be more active and to spend more time on the water, in the forest, on the beach or in the mountains. Off the sofa, out of the house and off we go. Your own adventure usually waits right on your doorstep. 


With the Hashtags #experienceyourownadventure or #eyoa we share our activities with you and look forward to your adventures. 


What is important to us is a particularly clean approach to nature. Therefore the whole adventure must be as emission-free or emission-poor as possible. By bike to the river, by SUP to the destination and from there back by train is completely okay. The car and airplanes are excluded, we want to protect nature and not pollute it. We have also experienced that the time we spend in a car or plane is wasted. Taking a bike on an adventure is environmentally friendly and simply more fun.


Is there anything to win?


A beautiful, own adventure and many unforgettable memories. Do you remember last year's television evening? Do you remember the day at the beach or the bicycle tour? You notice it yourself - experience is the keyword. Sunsets beckon in absolute silence in front of the tent or a quiet rain ripple the next morning while you are still lying in your sleeping bag. 


We'll be on our way then. At Michael_Walther_ZE you will surely find some suggestions in the coming months.