Bild zur Nachricht Fehmarn Belt Race 2016

Fehmarn Belt Race 2016


Morgen ist es soweit! Um 12:15 Uhr fällt der Startschuss für das Rennen gegen die Prinsesse Benedikte! Diese Hybrid Fähre

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Bild zur Nachricht CO2 neutral!

CO2 neutral!


Eigentlich ist es selbstverständlich, dass ich bei meinen Aktionen den Ausstoß von klimaschädlichen Gasen auf ein Minimum

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Climate protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas is probably one of the greatest challenges we will be meeting during the next decades. With the "Zero Emissions" initiative and a spectacular sailing campaign we would like to focus the public interest upon this topic.

Furthermore we would like to thus demonstrate that the chances of success to achieve common goals are the bigger the more we commonly address them.

The achieving of goals, like the reduction of greenhouse gas, can only be achieved in an international network. In order to point this out we will start different international extreme-events.

2008 - Zero Emissions - Baltic Challenge

On 7th December 2008 we started with our race trimaran "Playing for Success" in Kiel to visit and deliver the message ZERO EMISSIONS to all adjacent states of the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland).

To demonstrate the common will, sailors from the respective nation reinforced our team for a leg starting in his home nation and thus deliver our message from his nation to the next neighbouring nation where we intended to make the next port call.

It was a hard trip for Thomas Reinke and Michael Walther. More than 2000 nautical miles, most of the time complete darkness and temperatures between minus 5 to plus 5 degrees. But the response of all the people from different nations, interested companies and politicians has shown that we are on the right way and it was a successful project.

2009 - Zero Emissions - Archipelago Raid

The Archipelago Raid is an extreme sailing competition where Sport, Nature and Adventure are perfectly associated. Today, the Archipelago Raid is "the largest and most extreme orienteering sailing competition in the world". 5 nights and days with a small Formula 18 catamaran between 100000 rocks, that's an extreme race!

More than 30 teams from 13 different nations will take part this year. The German Team, Michael Walther and Marcus Mattis, will be at the start in Stockholm at the 17th August too. They are supported by the extreme sportsman Douglas Walker (USA) and his company "W4".

Live Start- und Zielhafen KIEL.SAILING CITY CO2-freier Fußabdruck Abbildung des Sky Boats